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Be a big player in the industry at at affordable pricing with Dowebforyou Premium Plans. Stay relevant online with the best CMS in the world and get supported online.

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    * Pricces shown Are For ONLINE ORDER And DELIVERY ONLY.
    * All Plans Do Not Include Any Meeting At Customer Premises.
  • Content Management System


    Content Management System

    Website content editor will be provide, so that your staffs can always make immediate update to the content like News, Services, Events, Products.

    Unlimited Pages

    Website content editor will be provide, so that your staffs can always make immediate update to the content like News, Services, Events, Products.

    Mobile Friendly Website

    All the website created can be viewable in all devices as it will optimize according to the devices screen resolution.
  • Creative Website Design


    Design Adaptation & Conceptualization

    We will adapt your corporate identity to the website design.

    Web Design & Visualization

    We will help you to design and visualise the initial design and layout before we start to develop.

    Website Navigation Structure & Planning

    We will help you to plan and structure the menu in order to have better user experience.
  • Website Content


    Initial Page Creation

    We help you design and publish initial pages.

    Mainpage Banner Designs

    We will design banners to match your products & business. You can design your banners and upload on your own too.

    Enquiry Form, Contact & Address

    A form where your customer can send in enquiry and get in touch with you through contact information like email, phone number and address.

    Google Map

    Implement the real time google map with the exact gps coordinate, so that your customer can get to your place easily.

    Social Media Link

    A form where your customer can send in enquiry and get in touch with you through contact information like email, phone number and address.

    Royalty Free Images

    We encourage you to use your own photos for a real representation of your business. Additional images are chargeable.
  • Content Management Features


    Administrative Staff Login Access

    Multiple backend user login

    Page Editor (News, Services, Events, Products)

    You could update/edit any page on any time

    Photo Gallery

    A Gallery where photographs are on display

    Product Catalog

    List of goods or services on sale with their description and prices published as a printed document
  • Basic Search Engine Optimazation


    Google Analytics Visitor Statistics

    Discover your best referrals, keywords, top content and increase your traffic.

    Google Sitemap Submission

    Submission for google's indexing of your website

    SEO Friendly URL

    Search engine-friendly URLs auto generated by our system

    Meta Keyword & Description

    Summarizes the content on your web page for search engine to understand
  • Sample Website Content


    Sample A4 Sized Page & Menu

    All pages are formatted with to the length of A4 size. These are how the pages are counted. We can rename the pages according to you business needs.
  • Web & Email Hosting


    Free Domain Name

    Free 1 year registration of (.com/.org/.net) domain name.

    Web Disk Space

    Shared server space to host your web files and emails.

    Email Accounts

    Your own company email accounts


    Data transfer per month
  • Support & Annual Renewal


    Online Ticketing Support

    Use our online support ticketing system for all your queries and issues.

    Website Maintenance

    Website Maintenance

    Annual Renewal Fees

    Yearly Renewal Cost
  • Get Your Premium Website
    Choose Your Plan
  • preBusiness
  • 12 Pages Website Design
  • Basic Website Maintenance
  • RM 4,529.00
      • Order Online Price

  • preEnterprise
  • 20 Pages Website Design
  • Basic Website Maintenance
  • RM6,129.00
  • RM6,529.00
    • Order Online Price
    • (SAVE RM 400!)

  • 20
  • 3
  • Homepage
    About Us
    Our Services
    Our Products
    Contact Us
  • 20GB
  • 40
  • 60GB
  • RM 1,529
  • preCorporate
  • 30 Pages Website Design
  • Basic Website Maintenance
  • RM9029.00
      • Order Online Price

  • 30
  • 3
  • Homepage
    About Us
    Our Services
    Our Products
    Our Clients
    Contact Us
  • 20GB
  • 40
  • 60GB
  • RM 1,529
Beautiful & Mobile Friendly Themes

dowebforyou supports many beautiful templates from Themeforest.
Get great designs at affordable price. All purchase of our plan includes the template license fee.



















Get started with Dowebforyou now No matter big or small business, you can play big with your website. Your website will give you the opportunity to tell all your potential customers about your company and why you deserve their trust and confidence.

What is Premium Website 

Running a start-up company and have limited budget for website? Dowebforyou Premium Website Plan is a complete website package for all types of small start-up businesses. All packages come a user friendly website content editor. Client may use the CMS website content editor to edit the website content without using programming and coding skill. It saves the future editing cost. Besides that, responsive layout and feature make the website to be viewable in mobile devices. It improves the mobile devices website browsing experience.

Website Design & Services Plans

Find a best package that suits your business.

web main

Terms and Conditions

  1.  All templates are developed by 3rd party author from All plans do not provide warranty on any bugs or issues related the templates.
  2. Final result of installation will not be exactly as shown on all sample screenshot and subject to the default script provided by the original author from the
  3. All images used in the screenshots are samples and copyrighted by authors. Customer have to purchase and replace the all the photos with photos related to the business.
  4. All plans are for online purchase only.
  5. No refund is allowed for all plan subscriptions.
  6. The template selected by customer is final and cannot be changed.
  7.  Requests for customized website design are not allowed in all plans.
  8.  It is the customer’s own responsibility to learn WordPress and create pages and upload photos through WordPress.
  9. The number of initial pages creation are final as stated in the package.
  10.  Shall customers do not approve the website design (colours, banners, logo, page formatting) done by dowebforyou, requests for changes are limited to 2 times only during website setup period. Once website design is accepted and confirmed by both parties, no further changes are allowed.
  11. Once website design is confirmed and published, requests for changes are chargeable.
  12. Any request to publish pages, fix issues related to templates, upload images and make changes to the website are chargeable.
  13.  Additional fee of RM 1,000.00 / per template change and reinstallation is applicable if the customer wish to change the template.
  14. Additional fee of RM 200.00 / per page is applicable if further changes are needed after confirmation of website design by both parties. For each RM 200.00 paid, shall customers do not approve the new design done by dowebforyou, requests for changes are limited to 1 time only within a month.
  15.  Your registered domain(s) cannot be changed once it is confirmed. Domain registration fees are also not refundable.
  16. Domain registrations are based on first come, first-served basis upon payment confirmation. It wilt only be processed upon successful payment received by our billing department.
  17.  dowebforyou reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  18. For enquiries, please contact us.
  19.  You do agree to our teens of service available here.


What if I need more pages? What is the cost?

You may add additional unlimited pages by yourself. But if you need our service, our designer team is here to build you a website to fit your exact needs and specifications. The price for each page depend on the content and complexity of the page

Do I need to enter my credit card details to buy the plan?

Yes. You only pay Dowebforyou Sdn. Bhd when transaction go through, deducted automatically. We will contact you once the transaction succeeded.

How long Dowebforyou will get back to me once the transaction is successful?

We will contact you within the same or next business day by email to discuss your website design direction.

Do I need a web host?

No, we will provide hosting and email for your website, it is included in the package.

How long does it take to build my website?

Depends on complexity of your site, usually it will takes minimum of two weeks to complete.

Once my website is completed can I manage it by myself? Is there any programming/coding skill required?

Yes. we will provide you the login to manage your site. No programming/coding skill required, you only have to get yourself familiar with Weebly.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. But no refund will be provided.

Can I upgrade my package at any time?

Yes. We will charge you accordingly.

Is my website Search Engine optimized?

Yes. But we only provide you basic SEO for all the website package. You may contact us for advanced SEO services.

When I will be charged for the annual renewal fee?

You will charged after your one year subscription end. We will bill you before your account expired, you are encourage to pay your subscription expired to avoid your domain and account being suspended.

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